Monday, July 31, 2006

35 things about me

**note** this was originally written in July 2006. Since then a couple of things have changed. Specifically, you can wipe out #s 15-17. The rest is still true. Especially the part about thongs.

It's Lee Day today, did I mention that? Anyway, I've seen these done with 50 or 100 things, but 35 seemed more appropriate for today. So here are 35 things you may or may not know about me.

1.I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and lived in the same house until I was 18.
2.I am the youngest of 4.
3.I was supposed to be a boy. Whoops.
4.When I was a kid, I was always afraid that vampires were going to come after me as I slept so I devised a plan to cover my neck with my pillow so I’d have a fighting chance to escape. I still sleep with a pillow over my head to this day.
5.I am allergic to dogs. I have to take Benadryl a lot.
6.I could be a good cook if I paid more attention to the recipes.
7.The only serious (requiring a hospital visit) injuries I have ever had have been to my head or my face. This explains a lot.
8.I have one tattoo, and I am getting another one by the end of the year.
9.I hate snow.
10.I have straight teeth, but I used to want braces so bad I made a “retainer” for myself out of paperclips.
11.I used to live in an apartment above Mrs. Gerard mother of Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers). I ran into him in the foyer all the time, but never once took the opportunity to do my “Twiki” voice.
12.Incense makes me sneeze, and people who wear Patchouli make me want to hose them off.
13.I have a slightly neurotic fear of house-fires and have secretly devised an evacuation plan for every place I have ever lived. I once lived in a 4th story walkup with no fire escape and had a little freakout moment every single day until I moved.
14.I detest being woken up by anyone for any reason. Unless they are dying or my house is on fire.
15.I have never been engaged, married, or arrested.
16.I have never been pregnant, but I’ve attended Lamaze classes twice.
17.I don’t know if I ever want to have kids, but I wouldn’t mind borrowing someone else’s for a while. I like the accoutrements.
18.I could not give two shits about my fingernails.
19.I can handle spiders, but slugs sort of make me want to cry.
20.I usually have at least one glass of wine almost every day. My doctor once asked me how many ounces of liquor I drank in a week, and I asked if she could come up with a bigger standard of measure.
21.I have had the same two best friends for over 20 years.
22.I used to be very Catholic, but can’t stand organized religion.
23.I consider myself to be politically “Independent” but I don’t think I have actually voted Republican on anything, ever.
24.I have never given up hope that I will someday develop either ESP or the ability to talk to animals—either one will do.
25.I hate being late to movies. If I miss the previews, I might as well not show up at all.
26.I have absolutely no rhythm or ability to dance. This very rarely stops me.
27.I hold grudges til I’m good and damn ready to let it go. But I always let it go.
28.9 times out of 10, if I am talking shit about someone, they are standing right behind me.
29.I never wear more than one shade of eye shadow , mostly because I don’t know how to put it on. You and your talk of “brow lines” mean nothing to me.
30.Cemetaries are some of my favorite places.
31.I dream in color. Always.
32.Some people say I am “too nice”. They don’t know me very well.
33.Jell-O kind of freaks me out. A lot.
34.I took Latin as my foreign language in high school. Despite what they told us at the time, this has never, ever helped me.
35.I don’t believe in thong underwear. In theory or in practice.


Robyn said...

I'm going to take you up on #17. Which one do you want???

Stinkydog said...

I'll take the #1 son. Casey would be the death of me.

Robyn said...

He's yours, I wish we could do something before school starts (aug.20th).

Anonymous said...

I've got one for you too.

What exactly are you having added to your collection of body art??

Happy Birthday to you -


Anonymous said...

I have one for you too.

What exactly are you adding to your collection of body art??

Happy birthday to you -


Anonymous said...

I think I sent my previous message twice. Sorry. Looking for instant gratification. Didn't read the little green message.


courtney said...

#21 is my Favorite!!! :)
Happy Birthday!!!!

Stinkydog said...

you did, but I don't judge.

The new tattoo is actually going to be very cool, but describing it only makes me sound like I'm dain bramaged. I'll post it tomorrow when blogger stops being a whiny bitch and actually lets me upload something.

court said...

#28 is a close second...You and me both baby...and it should read "9 times out of ten, they are standing right behind me and Courtney!" ha ha...Mr. Pritchard..."We're doing the best we can. We just got the sheet music yesterday!" ROFLMAO

Juliet said...

Happy Birthday, Lee!

Mel Francis said...

I'm late to the party cuz I was in Atlanta...but hapty birfdy...even a few days late.

Fishdog said...

great fuckin list, darlin.

my favorite was the twiki reference... i was there for ya.

biddy biddy biddy buck!

happy birthday!

and i am floored that you're alergic to dogs... i, for one, appreciate you taking one (or seven) for the team.

now point my bald ass to the free mullet place.

Anonymous said...

Gonna have to edit #15 ! :)

Anonymous said...

And # 16, now.