Saturday, January 20, 2018


This one is seven today.  Yesterday, he came up to me and said, "You know, I really like having a birthday, but the downside is: every year you have one, you're a little bit closer to death."  I was drinking my coffee at the time and it made me choke.

 Then I laughed and laughed. I mean, he's not wrong, amirite?   Trust me, I'm not too worried that this kid isn't thinking about death all the time. He's more concerned with stuffies, Roblox and how he can talk me out of making him go to tae kwon do (not a fan). 

We spent the day having a birthday party with classmates at one of those trampoline places that smell like feet and fear. No one broke any bones, so I consider it a success. I took a lot of photos of him jumping and I'm not sure I got his head in any of them.  But what you should take away from this photo is that he's grown a minimum of 3-4 inches in the last year. I thought that stuff was supposed to slow down, but it has not.   

My sisters are in town and they helped me make cupcakes and a cake for Rowan that I will go out on a limb and guess were PROBABLY edible, though I never really know because the whole cake thing is just for show because Rowan doesn't really like cake. or pie. or cookies that are not oreos, really. T

his is a kid who went to a tex-mex restaurant last night and, despite a full menu, opted to eat like, 5 plain tortillas.. And nothing else. We are the reason why children's probiotics have taken off in recent years. 

Seven. MAN. 

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