Monday, March 05, 2018

9 things I really like about you

Today, Hopper Augustus Hovland is nine years old.  On Valentine's Day, his teacher had us parents write a "love letter" to our kids telling them at least five things we love about them, and that was super easy for me because I have about 5 million.  I will attempt to narrow them down to nine in honor of his birthday.

Dear Hopper the Show Stopper,  here are just a FEW of the many things I really really like about you..

1. Every morning, after you take off the PJs and before you get dressed, you insist on doing the "No Pants Dance." I can't fully describe the No Pants Dance and I'm not sure you'd ever speak to me again if I videotaped it, but trust me, it is phenomenal.

2. You are a good brother. You and Rowan try to knock each other's block off pretty much every fifteen minutes or so, but no one else is allowed to try that stuff and you have been known to physically tackle anyone who tries, as multiple calls from the principal's office can attest

3. You are so kind to your younger cousins, and just to younger kids in general. You never pull the "big kid" card. You'll hand over the ball, you'll push the swing. You'll hold their hand if the water looks like it's getting deep. You give them hugs.  You are someone they can look up to and it makes me so proud.

4. You cry unabashedly at things that touch your heart. Even if that something is a horrifically bad Adam Sandler movie. Your cousin Luna made you a handmade birthday card that said I *heart* Hopper and you got a little teary.

5. Sometimes, I get a little testy at you in the mornings and we yell or snap at each other in the car on the way to school, but usually, after about 5 minutes, we're both sorry and you always reach your hand out to me, so I can awkwardly hold it, backwards, from the front seat. You'll squeeze my hand and say, "I love you, mom" and forgive me for those previous 5 minutes. You probably don't even know how much that little squeeze means to me and you do it anyway.

6. You remain convinced that whatever you're good at in Wii Sports, you can probably replicate in real life. Despite our outings concerning bowling, golf, baseball and the fact that you've never actually played tennis, you're pretty sure you could make it to Wimbledon if you just wanted to.

7. You will ride absolutely ANY ride at any amusement park ever, with zero fear which is something I cannot do. And not only will you ride the ride, you'll scream with laughter, which I sometimes hear when I'm not screaming from fear.

8. Your eyebrows remain on point.

9. You are not just a Hopper, you are Hopper Augustus, which means Hopper the GREAT and whenever anyone asks you what your middle name is, you will tell them that with an emphasis on "the GREAT." And it is so, very, very true.

When you were born, my heart did this weird thing where it expanded a million fold and it didn't even hurt, because with every day, every hour, every minute you exist, you fill it right up, my beautiful, amazing boy.

Happy Birthday. 

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