Monday, October 03, 2005

Favorite Pictures

I'm trying to go through all my old photo files on the computer. Sam likes to joke that , while I have taken over 4000 pictures with my digital camera since I got it, there are probably only about 5 shots NOT of the dogs... that is only slightly true.

Anyway, so here are some of my favorites that I am digging out of the old photo files. I'll try to post some more from time to time.

my friend Greg has a Crawfish Boil every year. This is what it looks like after we've all gone through about 30lbs of crawfish. it ain't pretty.

These are my friends M and Steve when M was just about to pop. I love this picture. That's not a margarita in her hand by the way... though I'm sure at the time she wished it was..

I may have mentioned before, but if not: I am a dork. I don't know why some art just cracks me up. The security guard found our photo taking less than amusing. This was in D.C.

This was Halloween, I think 2003?? Meredith was the girl from Logan's Run. My costume had to do with the cat that belonged to the person having the party (we had a history of the cat attacking me and me insisting on drunkenly petting it anyway). Sam was a Republican Mole.

that's probably enough for today.

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