Monday, December 12, 2005

Names names names

Our group gets about 75-80 dogs a year. We have files and paperwork that are filed by dog name, so it really really helps if we can have unique names for all of them. It doesn't always happen, but it helps. Not including owner surrenders that come in with their own names, I give the names to just about all of them. Sam sometimes helps. (You can usually tell his by how food related they are.. He once suggested I name one "Beschamel" but I talked him out of it).

I think I do a fairly good job (Arlo, Bijou) but I'm not offended if the adoptive family gives them a new name (like Manu??? Seriously??). I will admit to feeling a little irritated when one of my "cool" names gets replaced with something stupid and generic, but I let it slide. I mean, it's THEIR dog now and they can name it whatever they want.. Still, with so many great names in the world, you wonder why people can't come up with more than 10 names for dogs.. So, with that in mind, I'd like to beg the general public to please refrain from using the following names for your pet from now until infinity.

Bailey, Buddy, Hershey, Lucky, Maggie, Max, Molly, Sadie, Shadow, Zoey and (for the love of god) FRECKLES

Thank you.

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