Monday, February 13, 2006

Business on the Top

Dance class continued this week, covering the double time two-step and the polka. It's still hard, but I think we're getting better. At least most of the turns and promenade stuff is basically the same for all the basic dances. Guys have it harder in the class because they have to really learn to lead the dance by turning on the right steps and guiding the girl's hands. You can really tell a difference between a guy who can lead and a guy who can't. Especially since our instructor is making us girls dance with our eyes closed half the time. Seriously. We're just supposed to keep doing the same steps over and over and just follow whatever the guy tells you to do with his lead. Our instructor thinks the best way for us to give up control is to shut your eyes. I would mock it, but actually, it works. Until you get some guy who isn't comfortable with leading, and then you just fall all over the place.

Also, this week someone must have given our instructor a handout on how NOT to use wildly inappropriate analogies since he didn't once describe leading [a girl] in the dance as "like backing a dairy cow out of a trailer".. like he did last week. However, he brought the "teehee" with his mullet characterization of the Texas Polka: "Business on the top, Party in the Boots."

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