Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hated it

So, I watched The Aristocrats last night. I pretty much stopped watching after about 45 minutes or so and I can't believe I even made it that long.. It's basically 50 million different comedians telling the same joke over and over and over and over again, talking about why it's funny. And I know that the whole point is that it's never the same joke and the real joke is how sick and gross you can make it without repeating yourself, I'm sorry, it's just... not funny to me. So after about the twentieth version, I just wanted to turn it off. Plus, when you have so many different people telling you why something is so damn funny, doesn't that automatically make it less funny? Totally annoying movie.

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Bonefritter said...

Dear, I don't even think I could bring myself to watch that movie....It has Bob Sacket from Full House and Funniest Videos and that is more than enough for me to avoid that like the plague....BLEH..