Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Looking for love in all the Wrong Places

According to this article, 34% of women compared to just 23% of men would date their dog if their dog was human.

Among the top canine qualities women look for in men are:
Perennial good mood (25 percent)
Always willing to spend time with you (21 percent)
Always up for cuddling on the couch (20 percent)
Motivates you to exercise (12 percent)
Eagerness to eat your cooking (11 percent)

Additional canine qualities men look for in women:
Just as happy to hang at home as go out on the town (16 percent)
Always greeting me enthusiastically when I get home (15 percent)
Doesn't get mad when I want to watch sports (15 percent)
Being up for anything I want to do (11 percent)

I would just like to state for the record that, even though they have tons of great qualities, I would date neither Fergus nor Hudson because when you get right down to it, both of them will eat cat shit if it's available.

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