Friday, February 03, 2006

Simone Update

My on-going project of making Simone into a real dog is going.. okay. Simone (one of the puppy mill dogs) is still spending most of her time in her crate. I still take her out every morning and evening just to make sure she's able to walk, get some food, etc. I've caught her a couple of times out on her own, when I look through the window early in the morning. But not often. We've been doing some "snuggle therapy" which basically consists of me dragging her out of her crate to sit on my lap while we watch TV for a couple of hours. She hasn't tried to bite me yet, or poop on me.. which is a good sign, I guess? But even when I put her on the couch or on the chair, she still just sits there motionless, for hours. Georgia, who at 12 1/2 is getting a little deaf and not so sharp in the eyesight has been known to mistake Simone for one of the throw pillows. And thus, she sits on her. Then she looks at me all confused like she can't figure out why the black throw pillow won't let her get comfy. Simone does not seem amused. It kinda cracks me up.

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