Friday, February 10, 2006

Some Days

On some days, this story about stolen dogs is my worst freaking nightmare. On other days not so much. Like today, when I have 10 dogs at my house, most of which have "No Wet Tinkle Toes Syndrome" which means they refuse to go potty outside when it's raining so I have to basically force them to go on walks..more like drags through the mud, really. Then when you do get them back inside they like to smear their filthy paws all over your once-cute couch when they're not randomly attacking the contents of the cabinet under the sink out of sheer boredom, rabidly barking like Alien Cats are juggling bacon treats in there. Yeah, days like today, I think coming home to an empty house would be a peaceful, happy dream.

but don't worry little guys, I don't really mean it. Besides, no one would take you.

**UPDATE** The paper is reporting that all 14 dogs were found and charges against the dognappers are pending. Dude probably turned himself in after he figured out he had 14 dogs' worth of poo to deal with on a rainy day..

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