Thursday, February 09, 2006


Santino has taught me a new word: "turdy". I am going to use it from now until forever.


The Girl You Used to Know said...

Yeah. that's about the only good to come out of Santino.

Oh, that and his Tim imitations. :)

Hey, Lee. I'm Bone's Sis in Law. Married to Mark. Thought I'd say hi.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I am so glad you are hooked on this show too! Santino would have be aufwiedersehen'd a long time ago if he weren't so damn easy to hate. They keep him around because he creates good tv drama. He is a complete ass-wipe sociopath with no aesthetic sense of fashion.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching it this season too, but I missed the episode where he was making fun of Tim. I'm not-so-secretly rooting for Santino, simply because he's so of the judges hit the nail on the head, he's into "wearable art". BUT In think Daniel or Chloe will win it. They really deserve to as they consider the people who would be wearing the clothes.