Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Laying low

On the doggie front, we're recovering from the last month or so and laying low with the smallest number of fosters at our house since...before Christmas. Just seven at the moment. I'm trying not to advertise that though so I don't get stuck with any more for a while. We have a goofy crew: Wicket, Duke and Ruth-Marie (I only gave her a middle name so I can yell it whenever she does something to annoy me...which is often). Everyone is getting along and there's no fighting, so it's a pretty good balance. Hudson is about to bounce off the freakin' walls though. It's tough for him being only 9 months old and having deal with all the old fogies who don't want to play with him. I think I'm going to start taking him running with me in the mornings.

In other news, Wicket continues to look like a bizarro doggie version of Don Knotts (may he rest in peace). I'm no longer sure that having longer hair will help her to look less odd. Sam thinks she has a lazy eye. I think it's just her alien cyborg eye camera sizing us up for her leaders back on Orson. She's a funny girl.

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