Monday, March 13, 2006


If you haven't watched this show, you really should. It chronicles the life of a normal American family, The Roloffs...with two parents that are little people and 4 kids, only one of whom is a little person (he's actually a twin and his brother is regular-sized). It's a world that I know nothing about and the people in this family are just so...normal, honest and engaging. The first show I watched, the daughter, who is regular-sized talked about what it's like when people stare at her mom in the grocery store and I wondered if I was one of those people who would do that. She was really alright with it and even a little funny. She's all "I don't mind if people stare at my mom because she's little...because she is." I watch their family interact and wonder how I could've ever thought that little people were in any way "handicapped." (they're so totally not) Great show.

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I watched the Roloff marathon on DHC and it was really fascinating. They really are just a normal family and they seem really cool. I kinda feel bad for the twin that's a would really bother me if my parents had kids and I was the only one that turned out to be a dwarf...although, he seems to have a good attitude about it most of the time.