Monday, March 20, 2006

She's got Legs, she knows how to use them..

I will not be watching the new Bravo TV show, "The Real Housewives of Orange County" because

a) my Crap TV dance card is already full

b) it comes on too perilously close to *#&$#*-ing "Blowout" (the show with the most annoying reality TV character ever and I say that having watched at least one episode of "Dog the Bounty Hunter", "Flavor of Love" and the Real World Season filmed in Austin..)

c)I don't watch that other "Housewives" show either

BUT, for those of you are possibly tempted to watch it or are at least slightly curious, one of the "housewives" featured on the show was one of the ZZ Top Video Girls back in the day. Remember how they always had the same 3 girls driving the ZZ-Mobile everywhere, helping poor downtrodden shoe store employees rise up against their oppressive greasy haired boss? And they always were wearing the lace trimmed bobby socks with pink high heels. That was Awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Watched the new Housewives show, loved it, only because I laughed my ass off at how f'ing shallow these people are!