Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Blanton

Austin is such a fun city to live in that it's common to just simply forget that we lack some things that bigger cities have. Like a light rail system (pleeeeze, can we get one of those?). A zoo.. well, there is one, but it's more of a sanctuary. An Ikea (oh hey!), and what about art? There are lots of smaller galleries around town, but we haven't had anything as cool as The Kimble in Ft. Worth. But that's all about to change this weekend when Austin's biggest newest art museum, The Blanton, is having their "Extremely Grand Opening" for 24 hours straight. I'm planning on going super early Sunday morning. like 2am early. I can't wait. squee!


Anonymous said...

your sister thinks you're nerdy!

Stinkydog said...

yeah, we used to play Superheroes when we were kids. I was NerdGirl and she was Superslut.