Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Great Whittling Adventure

You can file this under: "We'll Laugh at This Someday" (and for me, that someday is now):

My dad has been taken with the idea that it is not too late for him to become SUPER GRANPA and now likes to plan "bonding weekends" with my neices and nephews. So last weekend he decided that it was a good idea to teach my 9-year old nephew how to whittle. Now, this would have been a fun idea if

a) my dad has ever whittled in his entire life (which he hasn't, that I know of)


b) he thought to maybe start the kid out with a bar of soap and a butter knife.Begin slow before you get with the really sharp stuff, right?

Well? no. No, he didn't.

So my nephew is now missing part of his left ring finger. Yee-&#$(#-ing OUCH!!!!! That poor kid. I know that must hurt like a sumbitch.

That's not the part that's funny. It's the whittling as bonding activity. I mean, come on. What, are we from Arkansas or something??


Fishdog said...

well, at least he had the urge to become super-grandad.

the mind is willing but the body is weak... or vice versa

Robyn said...

Mind willing or Body weak.....hmmmm my mind not willing and body very weak at 3 a.m. in the ER while they were sewing up his hand. Not a lot f@*$ing fun let me tell ya.