Monday, April 10, 2006

Springtime Hunting

My dog Micah is the loudest mouth-breather you have ever heard in your life. It's directly due to scarring caused by being her debarked before I got her. So, when I hear people say "oh, debarking is not cruel", I always want to ask if they will mind me punching a hole in their vocal cords, just so I don't have to hear them as much...

Anyhoodle, it's a very rare thing not to know where Micah is at all times because you can just follow the hacking. But this morning, I couldn't find her for at least 10 minutes. This can only mean one thing: she's got something in her mouth and she is trying to hide it from me. Crap.

I should back-up by saying that Micah, aside from being a mouth-breather, also has a cast-iron stomach. She can eat anything and not get sick and she looooooves to eat shit that she's not supposed to. Past digestions include:

**about a foot and a half diameter of drywall and the insulation behind it
**the plastic spray trigger from a cleanser containing bleach
**a rusty scouring pad
**about 500 junebugs
**an entire toad

You can see where this is going. So, what kind of dead animal did I have to pry from Micah's jaws this morning???

a baby bird. And not an itty bitty one. And she would not let it go. oh god.

I was just really really hoping that my week would start out by my having to play tug-of-war with a 10 year old cocker spaniel over a dead baby bird. How did I get so lucky?

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