Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wine Pairing

One of the nice things about dating a sommelier is that you get free wine pairing recommendations on demand. This weekend, I'm going to a crawfish boil. This means I'm going to have to ply some poor bastard with good wine so they will be kind enough to prepare the crawfish for me to eat. I like crawfish, really. I just can't twist their heads off. It grosses me out.

Anyway, so it's lucky for me that I now know that two great wines to go with crawfish are Trimbach Pinot Gris (or the gewurtzraminer) and the Etude Carneros Rose Pinot Noir (pinot noir based rose).

I also got a mini-lesson on what's the difference between pinot gris and pinot grigio.. From what I can tell, they're the same thing only "gris" is generally from France and "grigio" is either from Italy or California. I'm sure that will be helpful to know one day.

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