Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nothing to see around here

I'm headed off to the ol' homestead for a few days. The drive is not too bad, just about long enough for my bottom to become completely numb. I like to break it up by making a few ritual stops. I also have a couple of good books on CD that will make the time go by faster. The dogs are all being taken care of by various babysitters and and one friend is nice enough to come by just to play fetch with the boys (since they can't really go for 12 hours without it). I'm looking forward to seeing my family and friends.

My mom's computer might actually be powered by tiny hamsters with very muscular legs, so posting will probably not happen while I'm staying with her. But once I get to Courtney's, you might just get treated to some blogging by C-Love herself...

In the meantime go outside and play. It's supposed to be pretty! wooo pig soooiee and whatever else I'm supposed to say when heading towards Arkansas.

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