Monday, June 26, 2006

We're not alcoholics...much

I just know that the recycling guys must think that Sam and I are the biggest alcoholics on their route because we always seem to have about 50 million wine bottles for them to pick up. This morning was worse than usual because Sam finally had his first Purple Wine Lips meeting. It's this buying club idea he put together where he gets 12 people to go in with him to get several cases of different wines. He does all the tasting notes (talking about where it all came from, how it was made, etc), we host a little tasting dinner and everyone gets to take home 1/2 a case. I'm fairly sure our portion of the purchase is pretty much gone now--I think we went through about 2 cases this weekend. At least, I know I put out about 20 empty wine bottles this morning. (yeah, ouch).

They're going to start taping AA pamphlets to the recycling bin any day now.

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Mel Francis said...

Our recycling guys have to think our livers are pickles...