Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Free Brain Freeze..

So today is 7-11's birthday. Get it? 7/11/06. hoo that's clever. Anyway, You can get a free Slurpee today. Personally, I'm a bit addicted to the Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade flavor. It's like... really tart crack. I have one about every other day, I don't care how fuschia it makes my tongue. Go try one out. You'll see.


Robyn said...

Funny, I told someone this morning it was 7-11 day. Is there really a free drink involved?? I don't think we have 7-11 around here anymore unless there's still one in 09erville!!!

Stinkydog said...

I have four 7-11's within 1/2 a mile of either home or my office. I'm totally screwed.