Thursday, July 27, 2006

Random Thursday

I'm at home today with a bad tum. I feel just crappy enough not to be at work but not bad enough to be asleep right now. It's annoying.

I know I haven't been posting much this week, so while I plink around on the internesteses, I'll link to the stuff I'm reading.

we are getting a new rescue website from this lady. We don't know her, she is just designing it for us to do something nice. Isn't that cool? The mockups I've seen are absolutely gorgeous so I am super excited. Our website will finally look like someone older than 8 designed it (no offense to 8 year olds).

They really didn't need to do this but Project Runway won me over yet again last night when they had the designers make a dress and matching doggie outfit. I was a little disappointed that they only used very small dogs because I totally would have loved to see freak dog-hater Laura wrangle a drooly Mastiff. Oh and if you like the show, you should read Tim's Blog. He hates Angela. Hee.

Still watching this show. Don't know why.

okie doke, now I'm feeling bad enough to go to sleep. ugh, bye now.

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