Friday, July 21, 2006

summertime events

This week I got about the 3rd or 4th invitation for our group to have a booth at a doggie event happening at the end of this month. I really like doing doggie events for the most part because they're a good way to meet people and we get some great publicity. Plus, when you're holding a cute dog, people seem to just...give you stuff. I love that. But, I turned this one down like I turned down all the rest. Why? Because it's 750 degrees outside. Not only am I not going to subject some poor, long-haired dog to this heat on blacktop pavement , outside in the middle of the day, but if you think I'm going to sit out there with no electricity for a fan (or without a small, portable a/c, or large tub of ice for me to sit in, perchance) for 6-8 hours, you have done lost your damned mind.

What is wrong with February, people?

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