Thursday, August 10, 2006

Project Who Doesn't Know Who Cher Is??

I haven't posted about Project Runway in awhile (okay, a week), but I assume you know I'm still watching. I'm a little bummed that Bradley got auf'ed because man, he cracked me up. So sweet and funny, in a completely clueless, my parents locked me in a closet during most of the 80's and 90's way. Plus, I kept expecting him to bust out into "Two Princes" any minute. But come on, you don't know who Cher is? Why did you make her a Judy Jetson outfit? In other news, I am so ready for Jeffrey to go. I know people enjoy watching the catfights, but I don't. Just shut up and sew already. And so you won't have to, I googled "tattoo neck guy project runway" just to find out what the deal is. It's about his son.

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