Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tag this, you Buttwart

Seriously, what an asshole. My dad and brother both hunt anything that moves. And since they know I'm an animal-lover they like to mess with me if I happen to be visiting during Deer Season (ugh). Usually this manifests itself by my brother putting some kind of um, deer part on my car and then I freak out accordingly. But even though they like to shoot Bambi, I can guarandamntee you they wouldn't do anything so nutless as to shoot a pet bear in a cage and tag it like it was wildlife. Again, I say: what an asshole.

link via bottlecaps and wingnuts


Mel Francis said...

pardon me while I use my favorite word of the week.

It's a dirty word.

But I love it.


Robyn said...

I agree. As if FUCKTARD didn't have enough money to hire someone to take him to a REAL wildlife bear and shoot it. And the cover-up? That's just wrong wrong wrong.