Friday, August 18, 2006


So, I mentioned a while ago that I am thinking of getting another tattoo. The only thing stopping me is, well, they hurt like a motherf***er. Yes, they do. Don't lie. I don't really need anyone to tell me that "Oh, it's not so bad." or "You get used to it after a few minutes" because I know that's not true. It is that bad and no, you don't get used to it. Even though I only have one tattoo, I actually got it twice. Does that make sense? Same tattoo, re-done a year after the first because I have the kind of skin that apparently soaks up ink. Either that or the first tattoo "artist" was a total crackhead. (or more accurately, it may not have been crack... Meth, perhaps...whatever gives you the major shakes). What did I know? I was in my early 20's. I did zero research. I lived in Little Rock, for crissakes. There were, like, two tattoo parlors and both were in parts of town you didn't go to without a police escort. At the time, I was so terrified, it was all I could do to walk in the door, much less actually observe the process to make sure he wasn't permanently marking my body with something that made me look like a complete total idiot. I considered myself lucky I got out alive, screw the aesthetics.

I'm sounding a little defensive, aren't I.

It's because I have a stupid tattoo. I know it. And it'll never go away. So, does it frighten you to find out that I want another one? And it's going to be a dog angel?? HA! You're totally envisioning something like this, aren't you??

Don't worry, it's not (though that would be damn funny). The design is one done for me by an artist friend and it's more abstract, all black and swirly. I would post it up here, but all her stuff is copyrighted and I don't have permission to do put it up anywhere. But if you'd like to see it you can email me and I'll show you. It's cool, I promise. But... eek. It's really going to hurt. (cringe, duck).

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Steph said...

I'd love to see it if you can email it to me at scbarlowscott at gmail dot com.

Is this the one you wanted on your foot? It does hurt like a beyotch to get one on your foot, but it's worth it. Although I tend to watch my feet when I walk now...