Friday, August 04, 2006

URLs and an old story

Robyn, you are going to want to do some of that parental monitoring now.

So, Dell had to drop its customer blog URL because if people accidentally forgot to add the "Dell" part, they got to view some, um, unsavory bits. You would've thought that being all computer-savvy, they could have researched that a bit more?

But you know, this sort of happened to our rescue group a few years ago. Our website has always been because for a long time, there was another organization using But at one point, they let their registration drop and it got picked up by someone who... well, had lots and lots of amateur gay porn to share with the world. I mean, there is a reason why our group doesn't use pithy little slogans like "Got Schnauzer?" because, dude, we know. (of course, on the other hand, think of the bumper sticker sales we could make..) But I never really thought you could make the stretch from cocker spaniel to, um, cocks. Call me naive. Back to the story-- when people started clicking on the new and, um, more graphic website, we got a million phone calls from people calling to complain. Like, they were traumatized. One woman was even crying a bit. And Me, being the sensitive, caring, customer-oriented person that I am, could not stop laughing long enough to direct her to the correct URL. To one other person I said, AT LEAST THERE ARE NO ACTUAL DOGS INVOLVED.

And that, my friends, is when they decided someone else should field our phone calls.

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Robyn said...

First of all I made sure anyone under the age of 21 was gone before I read this message. However it did NOT surprise me since a lot of phrases 'popular' on the cartoon network these days resemble porn sites....try DOGFART for instance. Don't blame me, just make sure your kids aren't present when you log on. And NO, I didn't find this one, Connor did, and was horrified.