Monday, October 09, 2006


When you live in Central Texas and work a mere stone's throw from the University of Texas it's fairly easy to believe that the Arkansas Razorbacks football team doesn't exist. You cannot find the games on anywhere. They'll show a AA high school game from friggin' Muleshoe before they'll show Arkansas highlights (because it's Texas, yall). About the only proof I have that people know who the Razorbacks are is that I always get a smirk from someone when they see the HOG magnet on my car. But this weekend it was hard for them to be ignored seeing as how they smacked Auburn (formerly #2) upside the head. I got three phone calls from home about it, but dude, they actually mentioned it on the news here. Like, the words "Arkansas Razorbacks" and "Win" came out of a newscaster's mouth. Amazing. See, Virginia, they do exist.


Mel Francis said...

it was fan-fucking-tastic.

Fishdog said...

hell yeah!