Monday, November 13, 2006


Didja miss me? I know, I haven't been around. My only excuse is that I've had a headache since last week. I'm not exactly sure how that can happen when I'm taking 2400 mgs of Ibuprofen a day as part of the whole Pleurisy Extravaganza (it's an extravaganza now, I've decided) but there you have it.

Not a lot going on. I watched some really awful movies on Saturday. Art School Confidential? Poop Slice. X-Men 3? Worse. I couldn't decide which was more painful: Halle Berry's hairstyle in that flick or her acting. And I like Halle Berry, she was just sucked into the whole Sucky Suckathon of Good Lord Why Didn't We Stop With X-Men2???? Thank god for The Wire or that particular Netflix rotation would have been a total waste. I'm completely obsessed with The Wire, by the way. And I'm only 3 years behind everyone else on that one.

So, the Razorbacks are in the top 10 and Texas....isn't. There might have been a little jaunty skipping on my way into the office this morning. Not that I don't love UT. I do and I'm sad for them. But let's not get too greedy, okay? Besides, they'll be a-stomping A&M day after Turkey Day soon enough.

Anyway, so it's shaping up to be a busy week, but I'll be posting every day, headache be damned. If nothing else, I'll tell you about my Chuck Woolery sighting.

(no shit, Chuck Woolery).


Suzy said...

I missed you :)

Michael said...

I just watched the "Scrubs" episode that Chuck was on. Damn. Good hair, but crevised much? How old is he, anyway?

Stinkydog said...

aww thanks Suzy, I missed you too. I need a Small Fry sighting.

Michael, Chuck is about 93 now, I think.