Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I know it's been all Puppy Posts all the time lately and I apologize for that. I generally try to sneak in some other things that are happening or that I read or see.. but honestly, it's pretty much been Puppy Time all the time for the past few days. It's probably an understatement to say that Earl and Moze are a wee bit demanding. As in, I don't get 3 feet away from them most days because then the Ungodly Screeching Starts and I Just Don't Have the Mental Wherewithal to Deal with That at This Time in My Life Since I Still Have Hearing. I mean, I have dealt with puppies before as you may remember. And I usually get them to sleep on their own after a day or two. And I'm not bragging (well, maybe just a little) but I'm pretty good with baby doggies. But these guys? Killing Me With The Yammering that Comes Out of Their Tiny Little Heads. It's the beagle in them, I think. I have tried the Ferber Method. It is not working so well. So, I'm skipping the whole letting them sleep on their own in the puppy pen thing in lieu of really early housetraining. If the little dudes can work with me on not going to potty in the living room, we have a deal.

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