Friday, December 01, 2006


After calling him Earl instead of Merle about 500 times, we've just gone and changed it to "Earl". Adjust your indifference accordingly. Also, Moze is the sleepy one with the long ears. Earl has the shorty ears and the "baroo?" expression*. I'm still in the process of trying to explain how me, the Very Specific Breed Rescue Director, picked up two puppies whose mother might have flirted with a cocker spaniel, but probably saved all her lovin' for something beagle-ish. And she is... well, we don't know what the hell she is. All I know is I was in the vicinity, they were going to be put down, there was ear floppage and did I mention that I am a SUCKER??? I probably don't even have to tell you that, with their probable beagle heritage, the noise that can come out of these tiny, cute mouths is loud enough to crack windows. It is unreal. Micah, who is deaf as a post, gave me a dirty look this morning, that's how loud they are. I considered corks. As in, stuffing them in their adorable little throats and I have spent at least an hour today looking for sedatives I can give 5lb puppies.. Let's all just say a little prayer that Stinkydog gets some sleep tonight, okay?

*if you don't know baroo, you've never seen CuteOverload, then huh?

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