Monday, January 29, 2007

Brazil Nut??

I mentioned earlier about taking puppy name suggestions from the folks who came over for dinner last night. Well, here are the names we'll be pulling from:

Hawk, Snoop, Darth, Boober, Destructicus, Fred, Abba, Balzac, Spanky, Optimus Prime, Ranger, Karina, Chuck Norris, Posey, Daisy, Matilda, Squigmort, Abercrombie, Jebus, Squirmtron, Mary, Maple, Camilla, Stella, Cashew, Macadamia, Brazil Nut, Abba, Barley, Norman, Sligo, El Sapo, Rohan, Smedley, Gunther, Jem, Heidi, Pistachio and Carl.



Robyn said...

Abba has to be one them
Fred a second
Carl is cute,I'm not sure about the rest. I did think that if there were enough boys a 'George' would be in order.
Why not Lucy or Estell? The old name to our new number was Estell Tharp. Just a suggestion.

Fishdog said...

destructicus or jebus.

jebus sounds like a character from fat albert, heheh.