Monday, January 08, 2007

New Fosters, Old Fosters

I know, he doesn't look that fast does he? And yet, yesterday afternoon as I am sprinting fast as I can down the middle of the road chasing after this guy, he was barely in eyesight. I only caught him because he let me. Little turd.

I miss the slow foster dogs. Bess.. Stubbs.
Bess got adopted, by the way... sniff... It was not unexpected and I was doing fine til the new family told me she had sat by the front window all Saturday looking for me, making her little ScoobyDoo whimper noise. Why don't you just get a gun and aim straight for my heart?
The combo of missing Bess and random playing chase with this guy has resulted in us getting off on the wrong foot.
I am hoping the urge to throttle him* lessens soon.
*oh don't worry, I never throttle. I fantasize about it a lot, but never act.

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