Saturday, January 27, 2007

A One and A Two..

Man, this has been a looooooooonnnng day. Big Momma went in to labor this afternoon. She had one pup right away but it's after that point that things got a little...stuck. I just left the Emergency Clinic where she had to have some help. We also got an x-ray that shows us how many puppies she has in her tum. When I jokingly said she had 75 pups in there, I was not far off. She had 10. TEN. That is an unusually large number of puppies for a cocker spaniel, fyi. So far, she's had four pups. Three are nice and healthy. Right now, we're just crossing her fingers that the rest of them will be OK as well. But since she had some complications, she's going to spend the night there. I'll have a full poopie count for you in the AM.

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Analia said...

I hope all the babies are ok. What are you now? like a grandfather? I enjoyed reading your blog. Take care