Sunday, March 25, 2007

As of yesterday, we are at under (technically) 10 dogs at our house for the first time since January. I sent all but three of the poops to other fosters (my favorites, actually--a strategic move) and we just have six adults, so it's all been strangely calm... and yes, I do appreciate exactly how crazy it sounds that having nine dogs is "calm" in comparison.. But it is. A brief respite just in time for me to have internal arguments with myself about how particularly annoying some aspects of planning a big event from 800 miles away can be. "Pick Your Battles" they say. yeah. I'm thinking they never had to reserve a backhoe to dig a hole for roasting the whole hog that Sam is planning on. Whatever happened to chicken fingers? huh? what's wrong with those? Not a battle I chose, just fyi. Piggie it is.

God, I really need some book recommendations. Something. Just nothing dog or wedding related. Suggestions?

Oh, and here's Delaney from this morning. She's eeking her way into Favorite Status. Ridiculous, isn't she?

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Carre said...

I'm reading the first Sherlock Holmes "A Study in Scarlet" right now and am enjoying it very much. This is saying a lot since I haven't been able to muster the energy to read an entire book in many years. :-)