Thursday, March 29, 2007

Very Clever

To whomever signed me up with a subscription to Rachel Ray's Magazine: ha ha. You're very funny. Now quit it.


Opie's Girl said...

you can redirect it to me if you want!

Stinkydog said...

it's actually not so bad since a) I don't have to listen to her annoying voice and b) she has some good recipes in there. But I do still find it completely unnecessary that in her recipes, they actually TYPE out Extra Virgin Olive Oil and then have to put (EVOO) in parentheses. Uh, thanks.Also annoying: calling them "sammies" incessantly and having her picture on every other page.

Anonymous said...

That is the main thing I hate about Rachel Ray...and I Like Rachel...but everytime saying "EVOO" and then saying Extra Virgin Olive oil...WTF??? What's the point in shortening it and then spelling it out...that actually takes more're acronyms are not cute Rachel. C