Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's getting ridiculous

Thought you might like to see how the babies are growing. They're 9 weeks tomorrow, isn't that crazy? right this minute they are outside playing in the dog yard... being suspiciously quiet now that I think about it. Need to go check. Ok, I'm back. They're fine. I'm not being paranoid, I promise. They may only weigh 7lbs, but they're hell on wheels. I only have 3 of them at the house now. Frances the Terrible, Bebe and Delaney (I'm holding because she's a little bashful). They're into pink nail polish and watching American Idol (but they don't like that Sanjaya dude).

Aren't they girlie?


Suzy said...

They are so adorable! And your hair looks good, too. Is that a new do?

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That's you??? I was just thinking who is that holding the last pup. Wow...why do u look so different...hair color??? lost weight??? ure face does look thinner. CES