Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My mom sent me this in the mail today and it cracked me up. It's the wedding announcement that she placed in the McGhee-Dermott Times News, the publication that services both of the tiny podunk hamlets where she and my father grew up. Apparently, if your grandparents (regardless of whether they are still living) ever knew anyone at any point in their lives in any of these towns that might possibly ever care that their grandchildren are getting married, you're supposed to let them know, no matter whether you've only been to that place once or twice in your entire life and the last time you visited, you were 10. Also funny: despite my having been employed for almost a decade at the same place, my mom has no idea where I work. And I probably don't have to tell you: don't be impressed by the announcement size. This same edition had a picture of corn growing on the front page. I'm assuming the news day was sloooowww.

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