Friday, April 06, 2007

Prince Review

Whew, the Prince Singalong was a vast improvement over the Ladies of the 80's... a few burps here and there:

Drafthouse guys, I know you like movies and all, but I'm telling ya, you just have to ignore the whole "Batdance" Prince era. It sucked. He knows it, we knows it. And didn't you notice that's when everyone took a potty break? Also, while "Dimonds and Pearls" and "Pop Life" are (just)OK, with a discography like Prince's, if you're gonna pick a slow one, it really should be "Sexy Mutha F"..just sayin'. I was also a looking for "Delirious" "My Name is Prince" and "P Control" but I trust maybe you will realize those glaring omissions before the end of the show's run and rectify.

Otherwise, we might have been shaking our booties in the aisle for the last 45 minutes or so. I was sweaty--I'll admit it.

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