Friday, April 27, 2007

Puppy Blogging, April edition

A bit of background in case you don't keep up with the stinky dogs: eleven weeks ago, Mama gave birth to 8 little giblets in my bathroom. They all stayed with me for over a month, while I tortured them cruelly. Then at age 6 weeks, I sent all but three of them away to other foster homes because, well, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, I am not Crazy Dog Lady (yet).

So, tonight I go to switch out one of my regular girls, Bebe, for one who hasn't been here in 5 weeks (Gem). Lots of reasons for the switch, but in a nutshell, Bebe has been exhibiting some..uh...violent tendencies of late (violent for puppies, I mean, it's not like she went and got a subscription to Guns and Ammo or anything). She just might need a little more individual attention before she goes the way of the BAD dog and/or knocks the living crap out of one of her smaller sissies. And besides, Gem was always my favorite, something about the runts just make me want to root for them plus her nose scrunchle is the cutest thing ever.

Anyhoo, apparently, Gem has spent the entire time she's been gone either in someone's lap or lounging on the crook of someone's arm or possibly swaddled in cashmere because this puppy has not stopped howling in 3 hours. The only time she stops is when I pick her up to snuggle. The moment I put her on the floor: earthshattering yammering. The other two are well adjusted, and by that I mean, they let mommy drink her glasses of wine while they chew on the furniture quietly. After about 30 minutes of keening by the little princess, her sisters took a running dogpile leap on her to see if that would shut her up. (It didn't). At that moment, they looked at me and I swear to Pete, they rolled their eyes. As if to say, "Bitch, please, that is not how we roll."

True story.

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