Monday, April 16, 2007

Stephen King Coughs Politely

I think I probably have the most ridiculous nightmares of anyone I know. My nightmares very rarely have to deal with anything that anyone else on the planet would find remotely scary or frightening and yet, for some reason, just they just freak me the hell right out.

Case in point: last night, I woke up from a really menacing dream in which we (the general "WE") were riding around in a city bus and every so often, after we passed the bus station, someone from the bus would... DISAPPEAR. They just all of a sudden wouldn't be there and we'd all look around at each other in total panic wondering who would be the next of us to go "missing".

No, it's ok. You don't have to read that over again. I had a nightmare about people getting off the bus. Totally terrifying, but yet, not nearly as bad as the one I had about the monkey bars at the park.

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