Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hey so how is everybody? I'm good. Both laptop and stationary computer at home were in to see the computer therapist this week and, as I've mentioned, I can't go to blogger at work anymore, so I've had to find novel ways to entertain myself these past few days other than passing time on the internesteses.

So let's see: I did some puppy gazing, a little bit of reading, lotta exercising, zero wedding planning, rediscovered that hydrocodeine is an excellent answer to stubborn cramps and tried to cook a meal with fish that I ended up feeding to the dogs..which they rejected soundly. That was harsh, yo. On the upside, there's Flo (blogged below...heh). I'm sorry, everything about Flo cracks me up, including the fact that I can work her name into several couplets.

What is Flo? Your guess is as good as mine. Some sort of spaniel-y dachsund-y muppet-y thing that is roughly the same size as the 3mth old cocker spaniel puppies, but she's full grown and gets very pissy if you should accidentally treat her like one of the babies. And oh yeah: we love her. Negotiations are in progress as to whether Flo may become a permanent fixture around here. It's not a definite thing, but she's sorta worming her way into our hearts after only a couple of days. It's hard not to like her. She's Flo. We have no business adopting another dog right now, I know this. But again: it's hard to resist the Flo. We'll see. You probably need to see another picture of her, don't you. Here's a side view.

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Suzy said...

Ha ha! I thought after the mention of drugs for cramps that, by "there's Flo," you meant the proverbial "aunt flo." This pupster is much better. I love her! You should keep her!