Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday by the Numbers

Number of times I had to wake up to let the babies out in the middle of the night: 0 (!!!!!! I'm so proud)

Cups of coffee I had to have before going jogging this morning: 3

Minutes it took me to realize that drinking three cups of coffee before going jogging was SO not a good idea: 7

Dogs in house: 7

Dogs in house that are potty trained: 5

Number of Rachel Ray Magazines received in the mail: 2 (seriously now, QUIT IT)

Trips to Schlitterbahn: 0

Number of calls made to my family trying to get an early start on Mother's Day: 4

Number of answers to those calls: 1

What, are you trying to tell me you people have lives??

yall have a great rest of the weekend

1 comment:

Robyn said...

There's a 30 minute rule about coffee and jogging...shoulda told you that.