Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Powers of Observation at Work **updated**

Sometimes in the course of doing dog rescue, you come across some sad little sacks: dogs that are, as my friend Jenny would put it, "toe up." My job is to get them in, get them better and get them adopted. I like to think that I'm fairly good at my job. But there have been a few burps lately. Ones that lead to exchanges like this:

Dr. N: So, I see here that you've scheduled Dog A for neuter today?

Me: Yes.

Dr. N: Actually, he's already neutered. But do you want me to fix his eye?

Me: What's wrong with his eye?

Dr. N: He doesn't have one.

Me: Come again?

Dr. N: I can close up the eyelid for you and make it look more presentable.

Me: He's MISSING an EYE???? Like, HIS EYEBALL??

Dr. N: Is not there.

Me: damn.


Suzy said...

Not to worry! My sister has an adorable one-eyed blonde cocker named Lexa that they adopted several years ago. She's a joy! She hangs out with their other dog Pete, the Jack Russell with the "wobbwy weg" who runs in circles all the time.

Anonymous said...

THAT is funny. Sad for the dog, funny for us. :-)