Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Plan

So yeah, Little Man Tate, he be skinny. Our strategy right now is just your basic Hobbit Meal Plan. You know, Breakfast, 2nd Breakfast, Elevensies, Lunch, Midafternoon Snack, etc.

On the first day, when I gave him his first bowl of food, he wolfed it down in 2.5 seconds. Then promptly, uh, "redeposited" it underneath the pool table a couple of minutes later. That's when I learned that we have to kinda take it slow, feeding him smaller bits of food more often to let his tum stretch out a bit. So, the 2nd time I fed him, he was all "What the? You already fed me, but hey, I'll take it." The 3rd time, he squinted his eyes and looked around all shiftily like, "ai'ight, where's the camera, who you kiddin". By the fourth feeding, he just sat down politely, gave me a wide-eyed look of total devotion and sighed.. Then he snurfled all his food in 3 seconds and horked it up a minute later.

As I mentioned: slow going.

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Suzy said...

Tate is a very lucky little man to have found you!