Saturday, July 28, 2007

More Dog Blogging

More Dog Blogging.. Skip as needed. I just had to introduce you to Big Mac who is also currently staying with me. Big Mac is a happy guy. so very happy. So happy to see you he crouches down in this "I'm About to Pee All Over Myself" way and then, instead of peeing himself, he just launches two feet vertically while wriggling all over. It's not really like "jumping". It's more like a doggie impersonation of salmon swimming upstream. Yeah, Mac is a happy guy. Til you go into the office to blog and shut the door and then Mac is sad. So sad that he howls in a way that makes Whale Songs sound like "Mmmmmmbop". I have never in my life met a more dramatic cocker spaniel. He is the Liza Minelli of cocker spaniels.

And I? I am having this overwhelming need for simile. I might be over-caffeinated. Sorry!

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