Friday, July 06, 2007

You know, being not in the floodable part of town, I haven't minded the rain so much. All 45 days of it, even. We never get rain here. I mean, as long as you're not driving over any low water crossings, rain is good. Things are actually green,not the normal "blasted heath" shade of our regular July. Summer in Austin hasn't felt so much like ass like it usually does. I have no complaints...

...drums fingers...

Ok, yes, yes I do. Just a few, teensy ones. But it's not really about the rain, it's more about the side effects. Like:

---the 2 inches of caked dirt tracked in my laundry room and kitchen and well, honestly, everywhere. There is 28 paws' worth of mud in every frickin' room in my house. It's like my floors are made of adobe, if you must know.

--the fact that I have to mow my grass every other day instead of every other month like we normally do. I am not cut out for yard work. Or more accurately: caring about yard work.

--Wildlife! holy shit, what are those little black snakes? They're everywhere! And the snails. Good god. Jogging in my neighborhood is... (gahack) crunchy.

and lastly, I have blown through all the good stuff on my Netflix and the fall TV season doesn't start til..well, the Fall. What, do I have to start READING over here??

But really, it's not so bad having all this wet stuff. Maybe just a day or two of sun would be nice? For old times' sake?

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