Thursday, September 06, 2007

Don't look at me, I'm just killing time til Tim Gunn's Guide to Style Comes On..

I know, I know. Bad week for posting. I have a bunch of leeetle things I could talk about but seems a stretch. I used to be able to do 17 entries out of one leeetle thing, but I dunno, I guess I got all caught up in thinking I needed to provide some sort of content rather than merely links to stupid dog things I get emailed all the time. (and if you're one of the ones sending me stupid dog things, don't think I'm talking about you, I'm probably talking about someone else...uhhhhh, the person who sends me the REALLY stupid dog things). Anyway, ok lets see here... Oh! I found a definitely identified picture of Henry, that little shit, I mean, FINE fine barncat.. This is him.

I am still waiting on lots of wedding photos. I got one wedding video in and its...ah, interesting...arty, even. Let's just say there's a whole lot of bizarre zooming in and everyonce in while the videographer would focus in on Sam's left eyebrow. I'm sure it all means something and that in 20 years, I won't even notice. Right now, it just sorta makes me nauseous to watch. But I get motion sickness from video games, so that's not surprising. There will be a showing soon, Suzy, Shannon. I just gotta go buy the right popcorn. (and seriously, Associated Press, "popcorn lung"? We couldn't come up with anything better?? What about...Redenbacheritus? Jiffy Popsamonia?? Ok, I'll stop)

I need to take and post new pictures of the Meepers. They're ridiculous, yall. Although we have instituted a Puppy Demerit System that tracks their level of cuteness based on how many things they do in a day to piss me off. Oh, they might start off the day with their fuzzy little ears and their big dew-drop eyes, but trust me, there are some days that by 3pm, they're so far from cute, they might as well be jacked-up toads. Martha, for example, has not been cute since last Wednesday. Hardly ever affects Roz, though. Because she snurfles. The Snurfling has been captured on film. It is below.

and here is Martha. Not cute, I tell ya.

alrighty then, I'm off. I'll be better on the posting, but I can't promise I'm not going to come up with more alternate phrases for "popcorn lung".

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Suzy said...

I like your demerit system! But Martha, I don't know, it would take a lot of demerits to remove all the cuteness points!! I riffed on the cuteness theme today too on paulo nascente. It's hard to blog every week, let alone every day!