Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Every evening on my way to jog, I pass by this house around the corner where two men live. One looks like Bluto from the Popeye cartoons gone bald and the other looks like that husky guy who goes a little cuckoo in Full Metal Jacket. I can't quite figure them out. I mean, they're a little scary-looking and drive humongous pickup trucks, but their house is decorated (from the outside at least) like a grandma lives there. They have etched glass front doors, macrame planters and really nice rosebushes out front. They seem to do a lot of gardening, in fact. Every night this week when I've passed by, one of them is inevitably digging something up with a shovel, while the other is communicating to him via indecipherable grunts and pointing with a lit stogie. I haven't decided whether they're trying to install a sprinkler system or they just aren't worried about hiding the bodies anymore.

It is unclear.

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Robyn said...

no doubt, hiding bodies of the little boys they just took from the local gracery store parking lot or mall. Just so ya know.