Thursday, October 11, 2007

How They Drive Me to Drink

Warning-- if vaguely described medical conditions and/or eyeballs freak you out, go ahead and skip this one.

Scene: Emergency Animal Hospital earlier this evening

Nice Young Vet (NYV): So, it appears that Flo's eyeball became so distended that her eyelid could no longer cover it and it had started to dry and become cloudy. It's a good thing you brought her in.

Me: Uh....

NYV: So, I had to irrigate it and manipulate the eyelid around it. It appears to be doing much better. I can't detect any permanent damage.

Me: hubedahbuh?

NYV: Swelling has gone down, no sign of irregular pressure which would indicate glaucoma. I'll send you home with some anti-inflammatory meds and she should be fine.

Me: dog's EYEBALL popped out?

NYV: yes, basically.

Me: um. Why?

NYV: No idea. It's the weirdest thing.

You think?

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